Baccharis emoryi - Baccharis sergiloides Shrubland Alliance
Emory's and Broom baccharis scrub

USDA Ecological Section Map

Summary Information

  • Primary Life FormShrub
  • Elevation100-1800 m
  • State RarityS3
  • Global RarityG4
  • DistributionUSA: AZ, CA, NM, NV, TX?, UT (NatureServe)
  • Endemic to CaliforniaNo
  • Endemic to California Floristic Province and DesertsNo
  • Date Added2016/11/21

Characteristic Species

Baccharis emoryi or Baccharis sergiloides is dominant or co-dominant in the shrub canopy with Ambrosia salsola, Artemisia ludoviciana, Atriplex polycarpa, Cylindropuntia acanthocarpa, Ericameria linearifolia, Eriogonum fasciculatum, Gutierrezia microcephala, Larrea tridentata, Lotus rigidus, Prunus fasciculata, Rhus trilobata, Senegalia greggii or Tamarix ramosissima.

Vegetation Layers

Shrubs < 5 m; canopy is sparse to continuous. Herbaceous layer is sparse to intermittent.

Membership Rules

  • Baccharis sergiloides > 3% absolute cover in the shrub canopy, and > 50% relative cover in the overstory as the dominant shrub (Evens 2000, Thomas et al. 2004).
  • Baccharis sergiloides or Baccharis emoryi > 30% relative cover in the shrub canopy (Evens et al. 2014).
  • Baccharis emoryi > 3% absolute cover in the shrub canopy, and exceeds any other shrub in cover (Keeler-Wolf et al. 1998b).


Arroyos, canyon bottoms, springs, washes. Soil textures are gravelly sands and sandy loam surrounding boulders and bedrock, with soils seasonally saturated and intermittently flooded. The USFWS Wetland Inventory (2012 national list) recognizes Baccharis sergiloides as a FAC or FACU plant.

Other Habitat, Alliance and Community Groupings

MCV (1995) Not treated
NVCS (2009) Baccharis emoryi seasonally flooded shrubland alliance, Baccharis sergiloides intermittently flooded shrubland alliance
Calveg Cheesebush (Burrobush), Baccharis (riparian)
Holland Mulefat scrub, Mojave desert wash scrub
Munz Creosote bush, Joshua tree woodland, Pinyon-juniper woodland
WHR Desert wash
CDFW CA Code 63.550.00

National Vegetation Classification Hierarchy

Formation Class Mesomorphic Tree Vegetation (Forest and Woodland)
Formation Subclass Temperate Forest
Formation Temperate Flooded and Swamp Forest
Division Western North America Warm Temperate Flooded and Swamp Forest
Macro Group Southwestern North American Riparian, Flooded and Swamp Forest
Group Southwestern North American riparian/wash scrub